12 Secrets About Ellen And Portia's Relationship

When I think of the cutest Hollywood couples out there, my mind can't help but race towards the Hollywood power couple that is Ellen and Portia, or as I like to call them – Elortia DeRoseres. Trust me, it will catch on. ANYWAYS – Ellen and Portia are adorable and are a great example of true love. Don't believe me? Check out these cute facts.

#1 They've been married for over eight years now.

And the sparks are still there!

#2 Ellen is fifteen years older than Portia.

But we all know age ain't nothing but a number.

#3 Their wedding was at their home.

The two had a private gathering at their Beverly Hills home in 2008, right after the state of California overturned the same sex marriage ban.

#4 They never lie to each other.

Portia told Entertainment Tonight that Ellen is her best friend and that they tell each other everything. They don't even tell little white lies.

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