13 Reasons Why Freckles Are Really Beautiful

I feel like most people have a love-hate relationship with their freckles. Yes, they can be a bit frustrating at times, and maybe you've even envied your friends and family for their freckle-free complexion. However, this article is going to focus on the love aspect of your freckle relationship. For starters, you love that your freckles are a part of your unique beauty. If you rock freckles on the daily but have forgotten to show them a little gratitude lately, then these reasons should jog your memory. Personally, I think we've been long overdue for a freckle appreciation article, so let's jump right into it! Here are 13 reasons why freckles are really beautiful. Feel free to share your own reasons with us in the comments!

#1 They send a powerful message

Just like this photo of Demi Lovato taking off her makeup, freckles are a representation of the real you. Whether you choose to wear makeup or not, always let your true self shine!

#2 Freckles tell a story

Some people have freckles their whole lives, while others develop them as they grow older. Either way, freckles are a part of your unique story and growth.

#3 Freckles can share an important reminder, too

Rashida Jones knows that freckles can be the ultimate beach accessory, but these tiny dots can increase or change with sun exposure. Freckles can be a good reminder to cover up and wear sunblock to prevent sun-related illnesses. Thanks for watching out for us, frecks.

#4 They can help us with our insecurities

Instagram user @badgirltrix posted this photo with the caption, "I have freckles all over my face and arms. 😖 I really don't like wearing not a lot of makeup but my skin hates me at the moment!". Even though she wasn't sure about sharing this photo, @badgirltrix received tons of positive feedback from her followers who loved the freckle selfie. Embrace those freckle selfies!

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