15 Behind The Scenes Facts About 'Suicide Squad'

Suicide Squad has been one of the most hyped movies all year. It's got some big names and even bigger characters and we can't wait to finally see them on the big screen! With the movie finally out, why not take a look at some neat behind the scenes trivia? Despite all the interviews with the stars, there are still things that haven't been released yet, but I've gathered them all for you! So, grab your baseball bat and stock up on some ammunition and enjoy!

#1 The majority of the cast got "SKWAD" tatooed on them.

Some of the tattoos were done by Margot Robbie!

#2 Ryan Gosling was first asked to play The Joker but turned it down because he didn't want to sign a multi-movie deal.

#3 The baseball bat Harley Quinn used was given to filmmaker Kevin Smith, who is a huge fan of the character!

He even named his daughter Harley!

#4 The Puddin necklace Harley Quinn wears is based on the nickname she has for The Joker.

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