15 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets About 'The Vampire Diaries'

The Vampire Diaries is ending after eight seasons. We're going to say goodbye to Mystic Falls and our favorite vampires, werewolves, witches and all the other supernatural beings! *sobs while eating ice cream out of the tub and rewatching episodes of TVD* Who are going to be the new villains in Season 8?! Is Elena coming back?! Will we get a Delena reunion?! There are so many questions we need answered in the last season! But before that, briefly stop your crying and read these amazing facts about the best vampire show on TV!

#1 The fans weren't actually supposed to see Damon and Elena together until much later! The showrunner wanted to make the fans wait three or four seasons! She never wanted human Elena to be with Damon but she gave in to the fans!

We already waited so long! I can't believe they wanted to keep us in the dark! #DelenaForever

#2 In Season 2, Isobel's cell phone number (919-399-2507) was shown on screen and it was an active number! If fans called the number, they got to listen to a recorded message from the cast!

AHHHHHHHHH. I hope the fans who called the number recorded the message! Can you imagine Ian Somerhalder or Paul Wesley on the phone?!

#3 Nina Dobrev's hair is to die for when she plays Elena with that gorgeous straight hair and Katherine with those beautiful curls! But we've all been jealous of fake hair! Nina wears a wig when she played Katherine. Yup, those long, curly locks are fake.

Either way, Katherine was fab. She was seriously the best doppleganger.

#4 It's not easy being a vampire! It takes three hours for the actors to go from human to blood sucker. That long process includes special contact lenses, fitted fangs, prosthetics and makeup to create the veins under their eyes!

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