15 Facts That Will Change The Way You Think

Do you even know what you know? Most of the time, until you're asked point-blank about something, you have no idea what your brain has picked up and what it has overlooked.

Facts have a way of sticking to your brain when you least expect it. It never seems to happen that way when you're studying, amirite? But when you fall asleep in front of a nature documentary, the next day you're spouting off about how a lion's roar can be heard five miles away.

So, how many of these facts have been buried in your head?

#1 Alabama only started allowing interracial marriages in 2000.

The state stopped enforcing the law decades prior.

#2 The state of Utah contains the largest number of paid Internet pornography subscribers in the United States.

The Beehive State — known for its steep hills, pillar-like mesas, and plentiful canyons — has more even subscribers than lonely Alaska, where you have to wonder what else they're doing all winter.

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