15 Hilarious Wrong Number Sexts

When both parties are eager and willing to explore the racy and fantastical territory of sexting, it can be quite fun, but nothing beats dipping your toe in sexual textual waters only to find out that the person you thought you were texting wasn't actually the person receiving the messages. Yes, that may be mortifying and embarrassing for the sexter, but it's hilarious for everyone watching. Thank you, internet.

I mean, you would think that the sexter would be completely sure that the person they are trying to text is actually the person behind the number before they try to cross that territory, but no; horny people are usually desperate people and the thirst gets too real, too quickly, for them to think rationally before hitting "send".

These hilarious wrong number sexts give you a glimpse into the world of failed hookups and potential hookups.

#1 The guy this was meant for would have probably hated it all the same.

I hope she reconsidered her sexting approach. Those emojis make it seem like it's coming from a child and that makes me incredibly uncomfortable.

#2 I personally would never start a sext with "hey open up!", but then again, I also wouldn't include little emoticon genitals.

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