15 Of The Best Worst Hairstyles Ever

As time goes on, things come in and out of style (except cocaine, that's here to stay). I think we can all attest to that by the distinct absence of chokers in our society today. Hairstyles are no exception, yet are one of the most marvelous fields of study when dissecting just what a society stood for in any period of time. Men with long hair in the '60s were protesting the rigid, military-influenced idea of masculinity in America (as well as the war, but whatevs, right?). Women in the '80s were in an all-out competition to be THE tackiest woman in a world where hairspray was equal to the gold standard. Nowadays, it seems that basically whatever will make you stand out, including shaving half your head (back, front, side, doesn't matter), carving designs into it à la Kanye West's Mario Kart speed boost hair, and dyeing it inhuman colors like silver or metallic purple or red...

We're not going to stifle your creativity. As a matter of fact, we here at Diply are all about letting your creativity soar high and proud, so you do you. HOWEVER, maybe don't do you if you want to do any of these!

#1 Damn girl, I'm crying!

#2 Gargamel takes a brief respite from Smurf murder to sate his hunger

#3 If it's true that people begin to look like their dogs, this woman owns just ALL the poodles!

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