15 On-Set Secrets About The 'Divergent' Movies

The Divergent movies (and books!) are amazing, am I right? I mean, everyone raves about The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner but LBR, Divergent is where it's at! But seriously, who else just wanted to cry when they read the news that the last Divergent movie wasn't going to be released in theaters?! It's just cruel for all the fans! But at least we have three amazing movies to rewatch over and over again until Ascendant comes out on TV! Let's all calm down, look at some pictures of Theo James as Four, know that Four and Tris are an amazing couple and find out some really cool on-set secrets about the Divergent movies!

#1 Shailene Woodley actually turned down the role of Tris at first! But she ended up talking to Jennifer Lawrence about it who told her she HAD to take it.

#2 Ansel Elgort played Shailene's brother in the Divergent movies but he played her BF in The Fault in Our Stars. Ansel said he preferred playing Shailene's boyfriend!

#3 Shailene and Miles Teller had so much trouble filming their fight scenes together because they're actually BFFs IRL!

#4 When Tris punches Peter, the sound that Miles makes is real! Shailene actually punched him in the throat by accident!

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