15 Reasons Why We're OBSESSED With Ed Sheeran

Our favorite ginger, Ed Sheeran, without a doubt has the voice of an angel. His music has been melting our hearts since day one. It turns out that there is SO much more to love about Ed besides his fiery hair and lovely singing voice. He's such a chill guy that could literally be your best friend. He doesn't take himself too seriously and has gone out of his way to do a lot of nice things for the people cares about. Just see for yourself!

#1 Ed saw that James Morrison had done 200 performances in a year, and aspired to work just as hard. By the time he was 18 years old, he had done more than 300 gigs!

Work hard much?

#2 Ed started doing a lot of gigs at homeless shelters. He met a woman there who inspired him to write "The A Team."

#3 Elton John was so inspired by Ed's hard work that he called him up to be a mentor to him. They still keep in touch to this day.

#4 He met his wax figure and was a good sport about it.

"Met my waxwork at Madame Tussaud, he didn't say much but he's got a bulge so it's all good."

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