15 Shocking Sex Confessions From Celebs

Celebs are willing to share anything. We know their favorite restaurants, where they love to hang out on the weekends, where they vacation, who they hang out with and who they're in a feud with. It's super easy now with celebrities giving interviews all the time and now that they have access to social media. Some stars really need to think about what they share because they end up oversharing. These celebs did exactly that when they revealed the dirty details about their sex lives! Get ready for the most shocking sex confessions from celebs!

#1 Chrissy Teigen admitted in an interview that she became an advanced member of the Mile High Club with her husband John Legend!

Chrissy told Cosmopolitan that they were flying to Thailand to see her parents and they were only under a blanket. She counts it as a great achievement for the couple. I mean, if you can join the club and NOT get caught? That's impressive!

#2 Jada Pinkett Smith let the whole world in on her private time with Will Smith. She said they're very good at being sneaky when the kids are at home. She even offered advice for other couples! She said the bathroom and his office are good places.

Keep in mind, they've been married for 19 years!

#3 Beyoncé said in her HBO documentary Life Is But a Dream that she listens to "Make Love to Me" while she's having sex with Jay Z!

Wow these celebs really have no filter. They're willing to share everything!

#4 Kesha revealed to Ryan Seacrest that she had a supernatural sexual experience. She said she doesn't know his name but he was definitely a ghost.

Is?? She?? For?? Real??

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