15 Surprising Dakota Fanning Facts

Everybody loves to talk about how Dakota Fanning is a perfect example of a child star who didn't go off the rails.

She graduated high school, was voted homecoming queen and now attends university... oh, and she has 42 movies under her belt. Does anybody else want to be her friend, or is it just me? Dakota does a good job of avoiding all the drama that comes along with being in Hollywood, but it also means that she's quite mysterious.

How much do you REALLY know about Dakota? Don't worry, we've got you covered with these 15 facts.

#1 Dakota's first name is actually Hannah, but goes by her middle name. Her younger sister, Elle, does the same thing. Her first name is actually Mary.

#2 She starred in I Am Sam when she was seven years old. She became the youngest person to ever be nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award.

#3 Her performance in the movie won her the Best Young Actor/Actress award from the Broadcast Film Critics Association. She was too short to reach the mic for her acceptance speech, so Orlando Bloom had to lift her up.

#4 Her first kiss was while filming Sweet Home Alabama when she was seven years old.

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