15 Things No Man Will Really Understand

This isn't a new joke. Men and women inherently don't understand each other. It's a classic sitcom trope, and it's the basis of nearly every single romantic comedy (if I hear "rom com" I black out for a few minutes, I even had to get someone else to type that!) that has ever been made, and, to an extent, it's a very large thing in real life. I won't sit here and tell you that I'm some kind of guru that understands women. I think I have a good grasp on them, simply because I have a large family, primarily women, and at this point I've HAD to learn just to survive. That being said, there really are some things that women do that men aren't really able to wrap our heads around. If we want to send you a photo (which we don't), we take one and send it. No taking more than one, no sending them to a friend for approval. If you say you'll be a half hour getting ready and we wind up more than three days late, we're going to be pissed, regardless if this is the first or thousandth time you've done it. These are the standard ones, the ones we hear about the most in the aforementioned sitcoms and cheesy love movies.

I won't admit that those are wrong (that's against the guy code, ya know!), but what I will say is that there are a number of issues that women face, aside from the obvious and systemic issues we're trying to deal with as a society (humor article, people, focus), that men simply don't get because we don't deal with them. So we can be insensitive about them. We're sorry for whatever we did, at whatever point we did it, that has made you angry right now! Can we have sex, please?

#1 Like Smoochin' Glue!

I do think we often take for granted the amount of struggle ladies go through for this whole beauty thing!

#2 "Here, Let Me Try!"

To be fair though, since hipsters made jeggings for men a thing, this isn't just your problem anymore!

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