15 Weird Things About Beyoncé And Jay Z's Marriage

Everybody always wants to talk about Prince William and Kate Middleton because they're royalty, they have a beautiful family and blah, blah, blah. But honestly, people don't talk enough about American royalty. Our superior version of the royal family. Guys, we need to talk about Beyoncé and Jay Z. They're THE power couple of the entertainment industry. They've been together for what seems like forever and there have always been rumors about their marriage not being all rainbows and butterflies. So here's everything you need to know about Bey and Jay.

#1 According to some sources, Beyoncé and Jay actually have a super strong relationship but they always stage drama so they can make money off the media!

Whoa. Wait, what? That's actually insanely smart.

#2 Everybody lost their minds when Beyoncé dropped her Lemonade album because, um, HAVE YOU READ THE LYRICS?! But he approved the album! Every. Single. Song.

It's further proof that they just play up the relationship drama.

#3 And the plot thickens. Jay Z is supposed to release his own album that "exposes" everything that Queen Bey did in their relationship.

Talk about playing the media to their own tune.

#4 It's all about the number 4: Bey was born September 4th and Jay Z was born December 4th.

Oh and they also got married on the 4th of April.

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