16 Hilarious Tweets That Could Only Come From A Parent

Social media is like a parent's safe haven. Of course you have your parenting "experts" and shamers out there, but there is a whole other side to parenting on the internet.
It's the side where we parents get to see how everyone else is struggling just as hard, if not harder, to stay afloat while trying to raise kids.
Compiling the images for this article was like a stress reliever for me. As a parent myself, it's so nice to see that I'm not the only one who thinks/says/wishes these things!
I'm certainly no stranger to #13!
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#1 This parent who needs a priest.

#2 This parent who is trying to mentally escape.

#3 This parent who has a great sense of humor.

#4 This parent who knows when it's wine o'clock.

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