16 Parents Who Deserve A Hug

Being a parent is tough. It's impossible to feel prepared for the sudden responsibility of caring for a little human being. It's perfectly understandable, then, that parenting is a draining experience. Whether it's dealing with kids who are being total brats or coping with an utterly heartbreaking experience, being a parent is truly an emotional roller coaster. If you're a parent, you probably feel like you could do with a few more hugs in your life — and the parents listed below could definitely use some love.

#1 This mom whose kid is apparently disowning her.

We're getting a tad dramatic here.

#2 When you tantrum so hard you pass out.

One nice thing about dealing with your toddler's tantrums: eventually they'll tire themselves out.

#3 Enough already.

"Don't sink to their level" is Parenting 101.

#4 These parents decided to "pay it forward" after losing their daughter.

She really wanted to try a pumpkin spice latte but passed away before she was able to. Now, her parents have people around the world paying it forward in her memory.

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