16 Times Your Dinner Tasted Better Than It Looked

It takes a lot to make the food I regrettably get after a night of heavy drinking look good, but apparently it's possible. Yes, for today's dose of gross and unpleasant, I present to you: times your dinner tasted better than it looked (but it still probably tasted pretty bad).

A lot of these are gross for obvious reasons. Like there is a full dead bat soup at #6. How does one even begin to eat a bat in their soup? Is the bat just for added taste? What does a bat taste like?! And #15...that looks like a live f****** OCTOPUS!

Who am I to judge? I've eaten three-day-old meat lover's pizza dipped in ketchup during one particularly wicked hangover. I have no morals or ground to stand on in this article.

Right, so, onward! Let's get to the ugly-ass food.

#1 Surprisingly high in protein...but I don't need to tell the ladies that, amirite?

#2 Bat soup...My question is how does one eat the bat? Does the bat get eaten at all? WHY BAT?

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