16 Times Your Relationship Wasn't What You Expected

Everyone daydreams about the perfect relationship, but we all know that expectations don't always translate into reality. In fact, after being together for a few months, your relationship can change in ways you never expected...Weird habits are revealed, strange interests surface, and the truth comes out, but hopefully the revelations aren't anything like the one in number eight!

#1 Sometimes, you set your Snapchat expectations too high

You might have been expecting the pussy cat but the dogs are cute too, I guess

#2 It might be difficult at first, but eventually you'll learn how to accept a compliment

Love, food - sometimes there's no difference...

#3 But sometimes, there is a difference and the food wins out over love

#4 When I said I wanted to spice up our sex life, I didn't mean with zesty ranch dressing

If you've ever dated someone who has a pet, you'll definitely relate to the next person...

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