17 People With Spouses More Embarrassing Than Yours

Married life is so different from dating life. When my husband and I first started dating, I would make him blare his music to drown out any chance of hearing me peeing in the bathroom that was down the hall. Almost a decade later, he's lucky if I shut the door.

It's true — over time, you become so comfortable and maybe even borderline bored. That means that you get creative and find "interesting" ways to entertain each other.

Cue embarrassing spouses.

Some of the things these people did made me cringe/laugh so hard, but their hijinks also made me reassured that I'm not the only one embarrassing — or being embarrassed by — my husband.

#1 Okay, so maybe she doesn't always make smart choices.

#2 Babies can't call 9-1-1!

#3 Hubby just lost his "Elf on the Shelf" privileges.

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