17 Reasons Siblings Are Just The Best

I was the youngest of my siblings, and my two older brothers were always there to both teach and torment me. Thankfully, the tormenting stage didn't last too long, mostly on account of the fact that they were nine and twelve years older than me. As they grew past their teen years, they started acting more like mentors and less mental, and are still looking out for me even in my adult years. That's one of the great things about siblings, the older you get, the better of friends you tend to become! We've put all the noogies and hair pulling behind us, mostly 'cause we're either bald or balding now, and we've matured into the responsible adults we are now, mostly. Of course, there's still room for us to work together to terrorize our parents or unleash our plans for global domination...but I've already said too much.

Today we're celebrating siblings and everything we've been through with them. From sassy sisters to brother buffoons, we've got a lot to cover! So see if you can find a bit of yourselves in this list, share it with your siblings, and let us know in the comments which of these reminds you of your fam-jams!

So, here are the reasons why having siblings is simply just the best...

#1 You'll always have someone who can see things from your perspective

#2 But a bit of healthy competition can really drive you

#3 They always give the best gifts on special occasions

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