19 Real Struggles Of Girls With Big Thighs

What is it about thighs that seem to have us so entranced? No, seriously. Between thunder thighs and thigh gaps, the upper part of the leg is more popular than Justin Bieber holding a cat! Maybe not, but you get the idea. Girls of all sizes, and even men, have issues with their thighs. You are not alone out there! This list is for anyone who has ever doubted, hated or scolded their thighs.

#1 Pencil skirts.

Nope, not for you. It is not a good feeling having your thighs smooshed together, but subjecting them to that torture chamber is just inhumane.

#2 Pants.

Finding the right pants can be a nightmare. Nothing wants to slide over your golden thrones. Why can't life just be easy?

#3 Sweat.

We know it's gross, but it's a fact. Between those luscious legs is an entire pool of sweat-filled fun. Can't we just take a minute to air it out?

#4 Cellulite.

While you by no means need to have big thighs to have cellulite, the two do enjoy going hand-in-hand. Whatever life throws at you, you know you perfect!

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