20 Hilarious People Whose Snapchat Is On Point

Who knew that the secret to making billions of dollars was letting people use what's basically Microsoft Paint to edit their selfies? And people say this is a complicated time to be alive.

See, I use Snapchat to make sure I choose the right orange juice at the grocery store and to show my cat in compromising positions. Very basic stuff. Some people use Snapchat to launch careers in comedy and modern art. Some even use it to display their ambitions of becoming an amateur porn star. I like to call those people, "ambitious."

Whatever you use Snapchat for, the following 20 pictures of Snapchat gold will be sure to inspire the finger painter and comedian (or even porn star) inside you.

#1 Michael Cera...is that you?

#2 Mom on Snapchat is a slippery slope that ends with her seeing a nipple that's not your own.

#3 Slow clap.

#4 I don't have the patience to sit on the toilet long enough to do this. Bravo.

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