20 Tweets That Sum Up Married Life

Sure, married life has its perks. It’s nice having someone to share your life with, not to mention the responsibilities and the bills. However, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Once you marry someone, you and your partner can start getting fights over things you didn’t even know it was worth fighting about. Example:

- Dishes
- Bathroom
- Hair everywhere

If you think about it, marriage is mostly just walking behind your spouse carrying heavy things, or agreeing to share 50 percent of your ice cream forever. What we’re trying to say is, marriage, is complicated.

Here are the 20 tweets that only married people understand.

#1 Try being somewhere or doing something that doesn’t require you doing something for your spouse...

#2 Just because you did something right once, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for life.

#3 Worst part is that no matter how many times you ask, you’ll for sure forget something each time.

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