21 Undeniably True Things You Cannot Disagree With...

You know when someone words a sentence perfectly, and it just clicks as something everybody has gone or will go through? It could be your mother, your best friend, a celebrity, a stranger, or anyone, really. But when it's constructed in such a way that it's relatable to almost anyone and on so many levels, it's just fantastic.

Oftentimes recognizing that others have felt the exact same way can get us out of a serious slump, open our eyes, or just make us laugh. Regardless of which one it is, it's just fun to catalog all the things in this world that tie us together as humans. Check out this list of 21 amusingly relatable truths that, to some degree, most of us have experienced!

#1 Could this be any more true? Let's just be honest.

#2 Mmmmhhmmm. Worst.

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