23 Things That Are Surprisingly Legal In The USA. #16 Will Surprise You!

Ah the land of opportunity! People from all over the world hear the amazing stories of people who have truly lived the American Dream, going from rags to riches and making a name for themselves in the US of A. Can you blame them for wanting a taste of success? Of course not! There's lots to be learned about this great nation that even some of it's oldest citizens are unaware of. Here are 23 things that are shockingly legal in the USA.

#1 Drinking and driving.

Though I strongly suggest you don't try it, you're always allowed to go for a spin in Mississippi - even after pounding back a few too many PBR's.

#2 Beastiality

Unfortunately there are over 12 different states in which you're allowed to make sweet, sweet love to animals.

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