7 Celebrities You Wouldn't Recognize Without Their Signature Look

Some celebrities have super versatile looks. They can rock different-colored hair every day of the week and everybody loves it. Then there are the celebs who just can't change up their looks without looking completely unrecognizable. It's almost as if a haircut or a certain style is what defines them. In the end, we know there's more to a star than what they look like, but we put together a list of those who can't get away with changing up their style without people looking twice at them!

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#1 Zooey Deschanel is widely known for her doe eyes and blunt bangs.

#2 But what happens when she steps out without her signature hair style? She's barely recognizable!

#3 The Joaquin Phoenix we're used to is generally clean shaven, and showing off those baby blues.

#4 When he stepped out with his sunglasses and grizzly looking beard, everyone had to look twice to make sure it was really Joaquin.

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