7 Scandals About 'Suicide Squad' That Happened Before It Even Released

Suicide Squad hasn't even officially hit theaters yet, but hoo boy is it ever making waves. The not-quite-heroic team of "reformed" villains has been the talk of the town as of late, and it has been a very mixed bag. Once the embargo on the early reviews was lifted, the proverbial floodgates were opened, and there is already enough drama to make angsty high school students jealous. Here are some of the craziest and most dramatic things to come out of Suicide Squad's release.

#1 One of the major scandals has less to do with the release itself and more to do with how it was advertised, specifically one shot from the trailers. In the international release this one shot seemed like any other.

The squad hanging out and doing squad things.

#2 The scandal comes from how this exact same shot changed for the Comic Con release of the trailer. I guess someone decided it wasn't 'alluring' enough to certain audience members or something, because those shorts are definitely less practical, and fans noticed.

Apparently even Robbie herself wasn't aware, and said that “that would be extensive Photoshopping to do.”

#3 Hot on the heels of the less-than-favorable early reviews for the film, it seems like those involved are already playing the blame game. People close to the project are citing the meddling of studio executives as playing a part in the film's less than stellar reviews.

And fans know that is always a recipe for disaster.

#4 A source stated "Warner's executives, nervous from the start, grew more anxious after they were blindsided and deeply rattled by the tepid response to Batman v Superman" and this is what lead to millions of dollars in re-shoots we've all heard about.

The source did also say that Ayer and execs did get to common ground though.

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