After Husband Shoots Wife In The Face, She Receives Stunning Face Transplant

As human beings, we're extremely social creatures. With the exception of a very, very select few, we tend to thrive when we're in communities, have friends, and even have mates. In fact, we spend a good portion of our lives looking for someone that we want to spend our lives with, raise kids with, and, realistically, share every memory with. Looking for "the one" is often a cumbersome task, but we generally find them when we're least expecting them. Sadly, not all married couples remain together, but not every relationship has to fall into crumbles, either. Some relationships can end on friendly terms, whereas others could be surrounded by hostility and negativity.

#1 Ideally, however, our relationships would last a lifetime.

I mean, it kind of goes with the whole "'til death do us part" thing, right?

#2 Sadly, relationships can take a lot of unexpected turns.

While it's relatively uncommon, some people show their true colors after marriage.

#3 Meet Connie Culp.

Connie was a relatively happy woman in a relationship with a man she loved.

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