After She Receives A Letter From Her Husband's Mistress, She Writes THIS In Response

In 2005, Carlie Maree and her husband started dating. They got married in 2011 and two years later they had a baby girl. When their daughter was almost two years old, on May 22, 2015, Carlie and her husband's marriage ended after Carlie learned about "the other woman."

Carlie's husband had ended the affair before Carlie found out, but "the other woman" wanted her revenge and so she sent an email with every detail of their secret. Carlie and her husband tried to make it work again, but they had to face the reality that it was over. A year after "the other woman" sent that email, Carlie wrote a letter of her own. It was written with elegance and grace and a lot of heart to the woman who broke her marriage, but it wasn't written out of anger. It was written so the Carlie could heal and move on.

#1 “My daughter’s best friend at daycare shares your name, which means it’s a name I hear a lot.

“I used to cringe when I heard it. She’s such a sweet little girl though. Whenever my daughter talks about how much fun she has been having with her, I must admit I feel grateful that she’s talking about her little friend and not about you.

#2 “A year ago today you hit send on an email that had a monumental effect on several people’s lives.

“Mine, my husband’s, my daughter’s, both our parents and families, our friends. I often wonder what was going through your mind at that moment, how much of it was revenge against a man who broke your heart and how much of it was you trying to do the right thing for his wife.

#3 “The level of detail that you went into, felt like it had been curated to inflict pain.

“You knew what a wife would need to hear to get her to the point of no return in her marriage and you delivered it, blow by blow.

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