Brand New Pics Prove Macaulay Culkin Is Once Again Adorable

#4 But after his part as the protagonist in 1994's Richie Rich, Macaulay seemingly vanished.

And it's not like the film was bad. In fact, it brought in $125 million on VHS purchases alone! But as we all know, the years to come left many people worried for Macaulay's well-being...

#5 For the next decade Macaulay was nowhere to be found.

The popular child star went missing during the highest point of his young career. Then, out of nowhere, he reappeared in guest roles on shows like Will And Grace and in several minor films. But something seemed different.

#6 Fans noticed that Macaulay appeared to be unhealthy.

Rumors circulated about drug use and psychological problems. At an all time low, Macaulay was so skinny that he was even hard to look at.

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