Cara Delevingne Finally Opens Up About Her Crazy Past

Is it just me or is Cara Delevingne, like, really living right now?! She's BFFs with Taylor Swift, she's the new spokesmodel for Rimmel and she's in Suicide Squad, the biggest movie of the summer! It seems like she's on top of the world. Her acting and modeling career is going well and she recently said she's found "the one" in St. Vincent. But Cara recently opened up and revealed that she wasn't always this happy. She opened up about her past and her struggles with mental health and sexuality. You have to read what she says because it's so inspiring!

#1 Cara is taking over the world! Who else saw Suicide Squad?! No spoilers but Cara was amazing in it.

#2 Also, Cara is, like, the funniest person in Instagram. She's the best person to follow!

#3 I'm pretty sure everyone wants to desperately be Cara's BFF. She's never afraid to be herself!

#4 Cara always acts silly and carefree but she's had a dark past. And she's finally opening up about it!

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