Check Out Meg Ryan's Changing Looks Over The Years

If you've seen any big '80s movie, then you definitely know who Meg Ryan is. She started acting in 1981, and got her first big film in 1989 when she starred in When Harry Met Sally. Since then, she's been in movie after movie almost every single year – up until recently. Meg was at the Tonys this year and a lot of fans were shocked by her appearance. See for yourself and COMMENT and let us know what you think of her today!

#1 Meg's first movie was Rich and famous in 1981. Back in those days, she was rocking the shaggy '80s look for sure.

#2 She played Carol Bradshaw in Top Gun in 1986.

#3 And for her 1989 hit When Harry Met Sally, she'd grown her hair out – but still looked very '80s. The movie earned her her very first Golden Globe nomination.

#4 Four years later she starred alongside Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle.

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