Everyone Is Going Crazy Over This New Fashion Trend: Crotch-Baring Dresses

Vajayjay cleavage appears to be the latest trend pushing into the fashion industry, and surprise, surprise! Celebs are totally embracing it! Who would have thought that something that might have been considered a wardrobe malfunction is now a huge, and in some cases, bushy trend?

#1 Giulia Salemi

The sexy model was showing way too much for the Venice premiere of the film "The Young Pope." It looks like she might have needed some bronzer around her pelvic area too.

#2 Lana Zakocela

Yes! This pink dress is way too high-waisted for public television, but the Latvian model isn't showing her thing, actually. The angle of her upper leg created a crevice that gives off the wrong impression, and let's just say, she caught everyone's attention.

#3 Dayane Mello

Well one thing's for sure, when Brazilian model Dayane Mello arrived at the red carpet in Venice, nobody was looking at her face or her dress.

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