How These Waitresses Saved A Woman From Danger Is Incredible. So Smart!

It's one thing to go on a date with someone you've known for a while or have gotten a chance to talk to, but it's another thing to go on a blind date. This woman ran into some trouble on her date, but luckily there were some ladies to get her to safety. Women should always stick together and keep each other safe. Just because you don't know the person in trouble doesn't mean you should leave them on their own.

#1 "I've been dating quite a bit from online dating sites since my divorce."

"I've had great experiences so far and have never been in a situation in which i felt unsafe. Until this weekend. I was on a first date [at] a very classy restaurant. The guy knew the staff, we were treated amazingly."

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#2 "The GM even comped our wine and poured it himself."

"The date was to continue at a comedy joint next door so we walked to the next venue. I left the restaurant feeling loose but good."

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