How To Update Your Beauty Routine For Spring

Spring is finally here. It's time to welcome warm weather, long days spent outdoors and more social gatherings. During the springtime, everything becomes new again. That applies to our routines, our wardrobe and even our skincare.

While you upgrade your habits and routines this springtime, don't forget to upgrade your skincare regimen as well. Now that the weather is less cold and dry, your skin has different needs than it did during the winter months. These four springtime beauty tips will help you transition your skincare routine into spring seamlessly.

1. Essences Are Everywhere

When it comes to skincare, the newest trend is essences. These lightweight sprays tone and refresh your skin when you're on the go. With the weather changing from humid and hot to windy and cool every other day, essences will help you maintain that dewy glow no matter what's happening outside.

2. Maintain Those Kissable Lips

We usually associate dry, flaky and chapped lips with cold and dry winter weather. However, our skin can actually become more flaky during the transitional months of the spring. Our skin is highly sensitive to extreme changes in weather. When the temperatures suddenly spike, our skin tends to flake as a response.

When you pick out a lip balm, make sure it contains natural ingredients that will keep your lips feeling soft all day long. EOS Lip Balm uses only organic ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil to keep lips kissably soft for hours.

3. Lightweight Is The Way To Go

During the winter, we tend to slather on rich and thick products to compensate for the dry weather. However, as the humidity increases during the spring months, we don't require as much moisture anymore. By continuing to use super thick skincare products as the weather gets warmer, we risk congesting our pores.

During spring, lightweight is the way to go. Stick to liquid cleansers and gel or lotion moisturizers.

4. Sun Damage Isn't Cute

Now that the sun is shining again, don't make the mistake of leaving the house without proper protection. Even if you're just walking down the street, always apply sunblock to your skin before leaving home. Even better, find a moisturizer that has a high SPF level so that you can keep skin soft and protected at the same time.


By following these four simple beauty tips, you'll be able to look flawless through the beautiful spring months.

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