Kid Bodybuilder "Little Hercules" Is All Grown Up Now! Has He Been Hitting The Gym?

You may remember seeing photos of a kid with the physique of an experienced bodybuilder circulating on the internet. Those pics weren't fake - they showed Richard Sandrak, who was lifting weights when he was barely out of diapers. Richard is now 24 years old. What's he up to? Read on to find out.

#1 This is one of the original photos of Richard that went viral.

Richard was just six years old at the time of the pictures.

#2 Richard was born in Ukraine in 1992.

His parents, Pavel and Lena, were a martial arts world champ and an aerobics instructor respectively. The family moved to the United States when Richard was two.

#3 Richard's parents gave their son a workout program.

It started with stretching and aerobics, but quickly progressed to light weight training.

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