Long Eggs Exist, And You Won't Believe How They're Made

Danish Delicacy Long Eggs Put A New Spin On An Old Classic

At a certain point in your life, you think you've eaten just about everything you'll ever eat, and the variations keep meals exciting and new. It's the unexpected that you look forward to — but you have to think you've seen it all from certain staples.
Eggs, for example, are a pretty versatile food, but there's only so much you can do with them, right? Fry them, scramble them, boil or poach them, and beyond that, what can you do? Well, here's something you might not have seen before...
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#1 If you've ever been presented with perfectly even slices of hard-boiled egg, you must have wondered how they managed to get such consistent slices.

You were probably also in Europe, because they come from a Danish delicacy.

#2 If you're slicing up eggs at home with a slicer, you know that you're going to get all different sizes of slices because of the egg's shape.

#3 As it turns out, those perfectly even slices come from one long boiled egg!

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