See How These 20 Childhood Stars Transformed Majestically Over The Years

Growing up can be a difficult experience for anyone, and is especially difficult for those that do it while in the limelight. Some children had a world of talent, but were not the prettiest people. Fortunately for those on this list, they outgrew the awkward stage and grew into their looks.

#1 Taylor Swift

A completely unrecognizable Taylor Swift started her singing career off at an early age. The country singer turned pop icon developed well musically and physically. She has performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and looked like she could be one of the renowned models.

#2 Shia LaBeouf

On the Disney show “Even Stevens,” Shia had a curly-haired slightly goofy look. He later went on to star in massive Hollywood blockbusters and even became the new face of the Indiana Jones franchise in the ill-received fourth installment of the series.

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