She Starved Herself To Less Than 50 Pounds, But Now She Loves Her Curves

When Chiara Schober from Liechtenstein was at the lowest point in her battle with anorexia, she weight a mere 49 pounds.

Her tiny body was surviving on next to no caloric intake and she lacked any body fat or muscle tone.

But after meeting her boyfriend, things changed drastically.

With his close care, love and support, she has been able to regain weight and her health, and she continues to strive for a healthy life today.

Beating anorexia is an extremely difficult feat, and it's always astonishing when someone takes on the challenge.

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#1 Chiara Schober was a young teen when she started having stomach pains.

As a result, she was left with absolutely no appetite.

#2 "I began to feel guilty when I ate as I never actually felt hungry so I started eating less and less as I didn't want to eat for the sake of it," Chiara said.

So the weight began to drop off incredibly fast. At one point, Chiara was only eating a peach a day — about 39 calories.

#3 And when her grandmother passed away, things only got worse.

"When my grandmother passed away I was heartbroken, she had helped me get a bit better but when I lost her my weight spiralled again."

#4 She got the the point where just the thought of eating made her want to take her own life.

As a result, she would spend months in and out of the hospital.

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