Teen Weighed 707 Pounds At His Heaviest And Now Looks Like A Totally Different Person

#4 Doctors believed that Jacob had some sort of hormonal problem, which would be the cause for such extreme amounts of weight gain.

One-year-olds don't gain weight that quickly, even on a poor diet. By the time he reached his teenage years, Jacob was gaining an average of 100 pounds per year, which obviously came with serious health implications and a hard time making friends...

#5 Because of his excessive weight, Jacob was the target of verbal abuse and, as a result, became depressed.

Kids are mean and though the common advice is "just ignore them", being visibly different from the other kids made Jacob an easy target for bullies. Though he dwarfed the teachers with his size let alone his peers, the mean kids at his school crushed his spirit with their words. Sticks and stones, right? Wrong.

#6 Jacob realized that his weight was slowly killing him, so he did the only thing he could.

He buckled down and decided to start losing weight. Jacob had to start at the beginning with accepting the fact that he will die an early death if he does not lose weight. He sought help from the right people which was the first step to success.

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