The Insane Transformation Of Britney Spears Over The Years

With the recent announcement that Britney Spears is currently working hard on an epic comeback album, I can't help but find myself constantly delving into songs and headlines of the megastar's closely-analyzed past. After all, it's always exciting to hear that such a huge artist is working on something new! From her earliest days in the Mickey Mouse Club to her extremely entertaining relationship with K-Fed (remember him?!) this is your chance for a closer look at the transformation of Britney Spears.

#1 The Mouseketeer

Remember The Mickey Mouse Club? Disney's fun-filled variety-type show of the '90s was Spears' first taste of the spotlight. But she wasn't the only cast member that would grow up to make a big impact. Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera are just a few of Britney's cast mates.

#2 The Up And Comer

I remember being in first grade when the music video for "Hit Me Baby One More Time" came out – I was one of the many male students who didn't want to admit just how attractive we found Britney. What? Cooties was a pandemic when I was that age!

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