The Internet Said "You Can't Wear THAT!" When She Fought Back On Twitter? Minds Were Blown.

It's not easy being a woman. I would say "in this day and age," but it's been hard for a while. Both men and women have had to adhere to expectations of their gender that are not realistic and cause severe confusion, self-doubt and confidence issues that make everyone miserable. Some people are more miserable than others, so they feel compelled to express their insecurity by projecting it on other people. Clearly, they're more fearless and vocal hiding behind a computer screen, so one girl decided to do something about it.

#1 Sara Petty Is Pretty

Like most girls her age, Sara Petty is an avid social media user and loves to post pictures of herself and her life. Recently, she posted some pictures of herself feeling confident in some of her favorite clothes. She posed in the mirror like we all do and posted her new collection of snapshots for her friends to see. However, then she got some seriously mean messages from people she'd never even met.

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