The Real-Life 'The Fault In Our Stars' Couple Died This Week

Katie and Dalton Prager were the couple known around the world as The Fault In Our Stars couple. Their love story is definitely one for the books, but it sadly came to an end. Both Katie and Dalton have passed away just days apart from each other after a battling cystic fibrosis, a disease that more than 30,000 people in America are dealing with right now.

#1 Katie and Dalton Prager were known as the real life The Fault in Our Stars couple. Their relationship was very similar to the characters in the book and movie, Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters.

#2 Katie and Dalton met when they were 18 years old, and they both had cystic fibrosis.

#3 Doctors even warned Katie not to meet Dalton, because he had an infection that would have been very dangerous for Katie. She ignored their warnings and they began a relationship almost right away.

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