The Weird Wild Evolution Of Katy Perry

Katy Perry kissed a girl, liked it, sang about it and made us fall in love with her. Now her music is everywhere and I guarantee you know the words to most of her songs. Have you ever wondered how she started her career? Here's how KP became the one of the biggest pop stars in the world.
Do you like Katy as much as I do?

#1 Before she was Katy Perry the pop star, she was Katy Hudson the Christian singer.

She was a bubbly, blonde teenager who released her debut Christian pop album under her birth name. The album flopped, the record label went under – but she changed her stage name to Katy Perry and kept on working...

#2 In 2008, she burst onto the music scene by releasing "I Kissed a Girl" and we all knew to bow down to the new princess in pop music.

Did you know that the song is partially inspired by Scarlett Johansson? Katy told her boyfriend that she would love to make out with Scarlett!

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