This Athlete's Post Pregnancy Photos Are Going Viral On The Instagram

Often, when we see celebrities' post pregnancy pictures, we come across a thought that it doesn't do much to the overall shape of the body. We assume them fit and healthy as they do several physical activities, jogging, running and gymming. However, they patiently overcome all the side effects of pregnancy.

32-year-old, a mother of two, Stephanie Rothstein is a professional athlete and provides training for the Olympics. After her second child, her belly was much stretched and her abdominal muscles were also separated during pregnancy. She still kept her running continued and has plans for a championship.

Let's know about her, she is an inspiration.

#1 How world sees the truth.

Stephanie shared the photographs and conveys that having a baby directly affects the overall shape of the body.

#2 Body modification.

Despite she looks healthy and fit, her stomach has lost its shape after getting stretched out during pregnancy.

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