This Girl Posted Something So Inhuman On Facebook, You Won't Even Believe It's True

A Young hair stylist, Holly Jones, went online and slammed Kilroy's Bar N' Grill in Indianapolis about how her New Year was ruined. She has been followed up behind the Facebook rant about how she was not served because a woman was suffering from a heart attack. Holly has complained that she was not attended by the staff properly as they went to aid the old woman.Images via Daily Mail

#1 At Kilroy's Bar N' Grill

On the New Year's Eve, while everybody was enjoying their dinner, a 57-year-old woman suffered a heart attack in the restaurant. The staff and manager rushed to aid her which caused inconvenience to other customers who were left unattended.

#2 About Holly

Holly went to the grill with her friends to celebrate her New Year's Eve and then experienced the incident. She then posted on her Facebook account that she was treated horribly and swore not to visit it again.

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