Tom Cruise Hasn't Seen Suri For YEARS. This Is Why

Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise has been making the headlines lately. It's been said that Tom has gone a VERY long time without seeing his daughter, Suri. We're talking hundreds of days long time. We got to the bottom of why this is happening. With excuses ranging from a busy work schedule, to the Church of Scientology standing in the way, here's exactly what's been going on!

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#1 It's been more than ten years since Tom Cruise announced his love to Katie Holmes so famously on Oprah. A lot has changed since that day.

#2 2006 was a busy year for TomKat as they welcomed their daughter Suri into the world. They also got married in a Scientology ceremony.

#3 In 2012, the famous couple divorced. Now it's been said that Tom hasn't seen his daughter in YEARS. We've got the dirt on why

#4 Tom doesn't go out of his way. It's been reported that Tom has been in VERY close proximity to Suri, but doesn't bother to go see her.

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