Watch This Makeup Artist Transform Herself Into Pop Culture Characters

When I first came across the Instagram account @natzbuzz, I was practically speechless. Irish makeup artist Natalie Costello is an absolute genius when it comes to beauty transformations. She has mastered the art of face and body paint, altering her appearance into tons of wild pop culture characters. Don't think these are your typical pop culture favorites, though. Natalie manages to transform even the most traditionally-cute characters into ones who are edgy, eerie, and actually rather creepy. She has me totally spellbound, and I'm sure you'll feel the same after seeing her photos. Her work speaks for itself, so keep reading to see Natalie transform herself into 12 amazing versions of pop culture characters.

#1 Beauty & The Beast

I love how she's managed to channel innocent Belle and the grizzly Beast all in one look.

#2 Corpse Bride

Natalie as Corpse Bride is basically identical to the original movie character. The eyes are spot-on!

#3 Cruella De Vil

I would not want to mess with this version of Cruella. The blood-stained hands are so subtly terrifying!

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