Zayn Just Revealed Why He Left One Direction

2015 was the year of TRAGEDY when One Direction announced that Zayn would be leaving the band. The fan base was utter chaos and so was the internet. Why was this happening? Well, Zayn gave some half-hearted explanation before pursuing his solo career, but now we finally have the truth! It may not be what a lot of people want to hear, so if you're a huge Directioner... you've been warned.

#1 Remember the good old days when One Direction was starting to get huge and "What Makes You Beautiful" was your summertime anthem?

#2 The fanbase quickly decided who their favorite 1D boy was *cough* Harry *cough* and the band's popularity just exploded.

#3 When March of 2015 rolled around, devastation struck. Zayn announced he was leaving the beloved boy band.

#4 Fans everywhere lost their freaking minds. They just didn't understand why Zayn would do such a thing.

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